Open Court Resources


Resources for use with Open Court Phonics for Kindergarten.

To create these games, I used Microsoft Clip Art. While the pictures are not identical to the Open Court pictures, they represent the same ideas.

Open Court Memory

Print out one set of letters and pictures. I divided the letters into 4 groups and printed the cards on different colors of cardstock so that I ended up with 4 smaller games. Cut the cards apart. To play, turn all cards face down. Students take turns trying to make a match. If they find a match, they keep the cards and take another turn. Play continues until all cards are gone. The person with the most cards wins.

Click to download Open Court Memory

Open Court Puzzles

This document is a template for making the puzzles (posting all of the puzzles required too much space). To make a puzzle for each letter/sound spelling picture, simply replace the letters and pictures on the puzzles. Cut and paste the pictures from Open Court Memory.  Cut out all pieces and laminate.

Click to download Open Court Puzzles

Open Court Match-Ups

These are the game boards for playing "Match-Up". You will also need to make playing cards with lowercase letters. I use "manipulative" type things for the playing cards. For example, I have written the letters on fake leaves to use during fall. I have also written them on foam shapes (dinosaurs, stars, etc.). There are two different types of game boards. The first is for matching upper and lower case letters. The second is for matching the lowercase letter to the Open Court picture. To play, give each child a game board. Children take turns taking a letter card from the pile. If they have the matching letter/picture, the use the card to cover it. If not, they put it back. The first player to cover all of his boxes wins. This can also be used as an independent activity--simply have the children match the letter cards to the gameboards.

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