Classroom Pictures 05-06

I did not change a lot from last year's classroom but I did realize that last year's pictures show specific areas. This year I tried to include some "whole room" shots so you can get a feel for how everything fits within the room. These pictures were taken before the first day of school so the walls are rather empty (well VERY empty). Once school starts, I will hang song charts, predictable charts, and children's work on the empty spaces.
This is the view of my room as you enter from the hallway. Writing center is in the lower left hand corner of the picture. The teaching area is across the room to the right and my teacher area is across the room in the center.
If you walk straight into my room and across the back, this is the view. The teaching area is straight ahead. My desk is to the left of that and the outside door is to the right of it.
If you continue walking around the perimeter of the room, this is the view from the side (standing in front of the air vents in the first picture). You can see our cubbies in the middle. A huge walk through closet that connects to another kindergarten room is to the left. A short hallway with our bathroom and a walk in closet is on the right. The math center shelf is next to the refrigerator on the left side.
This view is looking back from the front of the classroom. On the left side of the picture is the hallway door. The back counter (along with another closet) runs along the back of the room. It has 2 sinks and several shelves. Between the tables and the counter you can see our writing center and ABC center. Computer center is off to the right with library behind it.
This is the view from our outside door. You can see the back counter again as well as the writing center (in the middle) and library (towards the right). The rug for the teaching area is in the lower right hand corner.
This is the view from the same door looking straight back. The cubbies are to the left. Science center is directly ahead. Writing center is off to the right.
This is my small group reading area. The shelves hold all of my reading games. The small posters on the wall are my reading strategies. Behind the shelves is my teacher area.
This is our ABC center. At this point in the year (before school starts), it has mostly alphabet things (letter tiles, letter blocks, letter transformers, etc). As the year progresses, there will be more word-related items (sight words, CVC words). This is one of our pocket charts for pocket chart center. After I introduce the center, it will have a game in it. The back side of the ABC center shelf has a chalkboard on it.
This is my area of the room. You can see my teacher desk and file cabinet. The shelves on the left side hold my reading games (small group reading center is to the left you can't see it in this picture). Behind my desk I have shelves to hold my binders (for every month/theme). In front  of my desk you can see our big book stand with out behavior chart on the front.
This is our science center. The materials in the center stay pretty much the same throughout the year. I simply add new tasks to do with the materials. Behind this shelf is the rug the children use for blocks (we are only allowed to have blocks for the first part of the year). The blocks are stored in a plastic bin under the sand table. You can see the sand table and part of the bin in the back of the picture.
This is math center. At this point, I only have the math manipulatives out (and books). After I introduce them, I will have more activities available to use with the manipulatives.
This is our playground. The sidewalks leads straight from my door to the playground. Behind the playground is our Head Start building.
This is the other half of the playground (used by the older kids). You can see the Head Start playground (blue and cream) behind the fence.

I can't believe I took a picture of the closet but I wanted to show you how much storage we have. This closet has shelves on both sides. You can walk through this closet (when it's not messy!) to another kindergarten room.

This is the other side of the closet. It was hard to take a picture that actually shows how much storage space there is. The plastic shelf hold my extra math and science activities. The cart next to that holds art supplies.

This is ANOTHER closet (the one next to the bathroom). This one holds my monthly bins, puzzles and games, theme materials, and more art supplies.


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