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*introduce center materials and routines

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

*introduce center materials and routines

Art: Decorate first letters in names. Print a set of hollow letters. Provide each child with a copy of the first letter of his name and colored tissue paper. Have the child paint glue inside the letter and then rip the tissue paper to fill in the letter.

(You will need the Primer Print font for this!)

Writing: Environmental Print Books--Print one copy of the cover and 3 copies of the blank pages. Staple into a 4 page book and cut in half (to make 2 books). Also print a sheet of environmental print signs for each child. Students choose 3 signs that they can read and cut/glue into their books. I use this following the Fun Food Song and the Game Song.

(larger pictures for songs: food 1, food 2, games)

*introduce center materials and routines



ABC Center:

Sort letters and numbers. I made simple letter/number tiles by writing letters and numbers on fun foam and then cutting them apart.


Match numbers and sets. I use Arthur and Pooh puzzle cards that I found at the Dollar Tree. You could certainly make your own numeral and set cards using stickers, stamps, or clip art.

Writing: My New Friends. Print the poster sheet (one per child). Have small photos of the children available--each child will need 3 pictures of classmates. Children glue pictures to poster and write or cut/glue classmates names.

Art: Self portrait. Print one paper doll for each child. Have children cut out and decorate the paper doll to look like them. Provide yarn for hair and construction paper scraps for clothes.

The Gingerbread Man

(provided by Baltimore County Public Schools)

Art: School bus craft

Writing: Stamp name with letter stamps.

ABC: Build name with letter tiles.

Math: Gingerbread Man Play dough Numbers--print one mat for each child. Laminate or place in sheet protectors. Children use play dough to place the given number of buttons on each gingerbread man.

Science: Is it Alive?--print one set of cards and a sorting mat for each child. Children sort the pictures to show if the item is alive or not.


In the Mirror

(provided by Baltimore County Public Schools)


Playdough: Provide number cookie cutters and a work mat for each child. Children cut the numbers out of playdough and place in order on the mat.

Writing: Stamp matching letters

ABC: Match letters with letter tiles.

Math: Apple Tree Counting (see Math Center activities page)

Science: Magnifying Pictures (see science center activities page)




ABC Center:

Sort long and short family/house words.


ABC Center:


Match beginning sounds OR match pet words.


ABC Center:

Family word spelling: Children use letter tiles to match the letters to spell family related words.



Match numbers and sets. I used clip art of families with a different number of members in each. Children count the family members and match them to numbers.


Children read the number on the dog and place that many bones in each bag.


Writing: I Love My Family


Family Tree (directions, apples)

I Love My Family

(provided by Baltimore County Public Schools)

Science: Introduction to magnifying glasses--You will need a small magnifying glass for each student as well as a collection of objects to observe (rocks, shells, leaves, etc). Demonstrate how to use a magnifying glass to enlarge part of an object (if you have a document camera with a magnify feature you could demonstrate what "magnify" means first). Have students practice by observing objects and sharing observations with partners and class. Have students use the magnifying glasses to complete the animal match up worksheet.

*Once you have introduced magnifying glasses, you can use the magnifying activity from the Science page in your science center.


Writing: Stamp matching upper/lowercase letters

ABC: Match upper/lowercase letters with letter tiles.

Math: Name Count--print one sorting sheet for each child. Type a list of several students' names with 4, 5, or 6 letters. Students cut names out and sort by the number of letters.

Science: Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar? (see science center activities page)
















Technology Integration Lesson  from Baltimore County Public Schools:

Students will fill in the missing vocabulary word to complete the sentence on each slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

Lesson Plan and Materials (search for K and then scroll down)

Printable Version (Microsoft Word)
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