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Farm--Fall Harvest

ABC Center:

Rhyming Pumpkins: Students find pumpkins with rhyming pictures.

ABC Center:

ABC Apples: Students place apples in ABC order.



Pumpkin # Sequence: Students put pumpkins in order. I provide three sets (1-10, 11-20, and 21-30).


Apple Counting Books: Students use crayons to write the numbers and number words on each page of this book. You can use clip art, stickers, or a stamp to make the apples. Be sure to laminate the books so that the crayon will wipe off with a tissue.

Writing: Scarecrow Colors (from Mailbox)


TLC style Scarecrow: Students trace and cut each part of the scarecrow and assemble. They can add yarn for hay and fabric scraps for patches. I also give them wiggly eyes to use.


Tissue Paper Apples: Students trace and cut an apple shape out of white paper. Then they rip pieces of colored tissue paper and glue to the apple shape. They can add a brown pipe cleaner for a stem and a "puffy" green pipe cleaner for a leaf.

The Farm Concert

Farm Concert "fill in" book

   (black and white)       (color)

Rhyming Flipbook












Indian Corn: provide students with a template of a corn shape and husk. Students trace and cut one ear of corn. Using Q-tips, they paint "kernels" on their ear. Next they trace and cut 2 husks out of green paper and glue them onto their corn.

Writing: Stamp same beginning sound


Letter Bottles: Fill two empty soda bottles with a filler (confetti, sand, etc) and some letters (I wrote mine on foam shaped stars). Students search bottle and color the letters that they find on the recording sheet.

Letter Bottle 1        Letter Bottle 2

Math: Fall Harvest Numbers/Sets (see Math Center Activities)

Science: What's Heavier?--Apple (See Science Center Activities)











ABC Center: Farm animal beginning sounds

Math: Farm animal graph to accompany farm animal play set.


Farm Animal Count: I used a template from Mailbox to make this activity. Place animal stickers on the barn pattern and then write the corresponding numbers on the farmers' buckets. Students count the animals and match to the farmers.


Farm animal book: This book is made from template from Mailbox magazine. Students write and draw pictures of animals that live on a farm.

Art: Finger paint and label farm animals on barn-shaped paper.

Mrs. Wishy-Washy

Mrs. Wishy-Washy art project

Mrs. Wishy-Washy tag book (book) (tags)

Prepare books by sequencing pages and punching a hole in the top left corner. First students complete the pages with the word "in". Then students color pages and animal tags. They cut animal tags out and hole punch where indicated. Use yarn to tie the animal tags to the book. Students insert the animals in the pages as they read the story. 

Mrs. Wishy-Washy felt board pieces


Writing: Sight word spelling with Mosaic Letters

     Sight Word Mats                    Letter Mosaics from OTC

ABC: Sight word building with Reading Rods or letter tiles

Math: Plant a Garden (see Math Center Activities)

Science: Animal Babies Memory (see Science Center Activities)









ABC Center:

Farm Animal Number Word Match: Students match number words on farm animal cut-outs to numbers on the farm mat.

Math: Farm animal tally marks to accompany farm animal play set

Writing: Farm animal stamping


Paper Plate pig


Wishy-Washy Day

Pocket Book: Copy and sequence books for students. To make books, students fill in the word "the" and cut out pockets and glue into the books. They can then cut out the characters and insert them into the pockets as they read the story.

Paint the  Words: use Q-Tips or small brushes to paint the sight words from the story.

ABC: Animal Alphabet--match the animal letters to the regular letters

ABC: Sight words with felt letters

Sight word cards

Math: Farm animals--play dough numbers: count the animals; use play dough to make the correct numeral

Science: Fill the Farm (see Science Center Activities)


Technology Integration Lesson  from Baltimore County Public Schools:

Students will fill in the missing vocabulary words to complete the sentence on each slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

Lesson Plan and Materials (search for K and then scroll down)



ABC Center:

Color word feather headbands: I have two versions of this activity. For the first one, students copy the color word and then color the feathers. For the second one, students must fill in missing letters in the color words (more challenging) and then color the feathers.


"More" feathers: Students compare the feathers on the turkeys in each pair and place a feather on the turkey that has "more" feathers.

Writing: 5 Fat Turkeys


Coffee filter turkeys: Provide each child with a round coffee filter and washable markers. Students completely color the coffee filter. Next have students spray water on the colored filter so that the colors will smear. While this dries, students trace and cut out a turkey body and add details. When the coffee filter is dry, glue the body to the "feathers".

(predictable or interactive chart)







Beginning sound turkeys: Students match pictures with the same beginning sounds.



Number/number word turkeys: Students count the number of feathers on each card and match to the turkey with the corresponding number/number word. I used envelopes to make the pockets for this game.

Science: Sort fruits and vegetables (using plastic foods)





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