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100th Day and Dental Health

ABC Center:

Math: Missing Numbers

Writing: 100 Book--Print, cut apart, and staple booklets. Students complete the sentences and draw pictures.

Art: 100 Poster


Sing a Song

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Special Section: 100th Day Activities

1. Happy 100th Day Hat (from Mailbox Magazine)

2. 100 Fruit Loop Necklaces--provide each child with a 100s chart and a plate of Fruit Loops. Children cover each number with a piece of cereal making each group of 10 one color. Tape a long piece of string to the table for each child. Children string the fruit loops on the string in sets of ten.

3. 100s Chart Number Pictures--Jessica Meacham's 100 Chart pictures

4. When I Am 100 (art/writing)--Provide ach child with sheet of white construction paper and cotton balls. Students draw a picture of how they think they will look when they are 100 years old. They can use the cotton as hair. Students complete sentence starter "When I am 100 years old...".


Valentine's Day

ABC Center: Heart Puzzles--print on pink paper (optional), laminate, and cut apart. Students read words/match beginning sounds to complete puzzles

CVC words

Beginning Sounds

Math: Dice Graph--Print one die for each student in the group (4-6) and provide each child with a copy of the graph. Cut and tape the dice together. Students roll the die and color a space on the graph to show which picture is rolled. (Optional: make one die and have students complete activity as a group).

Writing: Where Do You Live? (book)

Writing: Is This My Valentine (book)

Art: Hershey Kiss

*See www.makinglearningfun.com for: Valentine's Number Word Tiles (ABC), Conversation Heart Count (math), and much more!



Provided by Baltimore County Public Schools

Buildings Phonetic Writing: (Lesson 2 in plans)--Children segment words by touching boxes. They then write the corresponding sounds. This lesson is designed for whole group but this page could be used as an extension for small groups or individuals.


ABC: Valentines Beginning Sounds--Children cut/glue hearts to show the beginning sounds of the pictures.

ABC: Valentine Spelling--Children cut and glue the heart letters to spell the CVC words.

ABC: Valentine Puzzles--Children read words or match beginning sounds to complete the puzzles.

beg sounds, CVC words

ABC: Heart Bingo--give each player a heart card. Shuffle the word/letter cards and place on table. Students take turns choosing a card and reading it. If they have the matching word/picture with beg sound, they cover the word/picture with the card. If not, they pass to someone who needs it.

Sight Words-Easy

Sight Word-Harder

Beginning Sounds

Math: Conversation Heart Patterns--Provide students with conversation hearts. Have students make and record patterns.




ABC CenterBeginning/Ending Sound Stamp--Children use letter stamps or letter tiles to show the beginning and ending sound for each picture (tools).                      

Math: Grab and Count--Provide students with a container of screws (not pointy), nuts, bolts, washers, etc. Students take a handful and record the amount of each on the recording sheet. For those using Investigations, this is a variation on Grab and Count introduced in the program.

Writing: What would you do in a tree house?

Art: Tool Belt

directions    tool pictures    labels

*See www.makinglearningfun.com for: Popsicle House (art), Shingle a House (art), House Window Count (math)


Our Tree House

Provided by Baltimore County Public Schools







4 ABC Center: Cat in the Hat Stamping--Children use letter stamps or letter tiles to spell the words from the story

Stamping Page, Helping Page (with words)

Math: Cat in the Hat Necklaces--Children complete the hats by filling in the correct numbers. They then color, cut out the hats, and fold/glue them to make "loops" to string on a necklace.

Numbers/Sets, Addition, 3 digit Addition

Writing: "at" word family hats--Children cut out "at" family words and glue on hat shape. Children write that "at" family words.

"at" Family Hat, "at" family pictures

Art: Cat in the Hat hats


Dr. Seuss

Cat in the Hat: What would you do?--Students tell what they would do if they were the children in the story on this themed stationery. (writing)

One Fish/Two Fish: Crazy Creatures-Using the Creature Template, Creature Pieces, and various art supplies (yarn, wiggly eyes, feathers, etc) children create "Crazy Creatures". For added fun, provide students with animal print paper (available in the scrap booking section of stores). When creatures are finished, have students describe their creatures on this writing paper. (art and writing)

Wacky Wednesday: After reading this book, give each student a picture and recording sheet. Students find the "wacky" things in the picture and write them on the recording sheet.

Green Eggs and Ham: After reading this book, make green eggs and ham with your students. Print out the directions and have students refer to these as they cook (this does require adult supervision). Have students sequence the pictures to show how to make green eggs and ham.

Hop on Pop: After reading this book, review rhyming words with students by playing Rhyming Memory using the rhyming cards. Then provide each child with a Hop on Pop page and a picture/word page. Students match rhyming words.

Picture Version      Pictures Page

CVC version      Words Page

Favorite Book: Keep track of which books your class has read with this chart. At the end of the unit, create a pictograph of the books you've read. Each student completes the writing activity telling which book was their favorite and cuts out the book they chose on the book sheet (you can delete the books you didn't read with your class). Glue the books to your graph (writing and graphing)

ABC: Rhyming Hats--Children match rhyming words to build the "Cat in the Hat" hats.

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