December Centers


Week Theme Centers Shared Reading Centers Work Tasks


ABC Center:

"Letter L" latkes: I give the students pretend frying pans and forks to "cook" these. Students sort the pictures on the latkes to find the ones that begin with "L". Then students match the words to the pictures.

Math: Dreidel game

Writing: Hanukkah Gifts


# Sequence Menorah: Students glue numbers (or number words) in correct order. Then they color the candles and menorah. Last, they can put gold glitter on the menorah.

Dan the Flying Man

Dan the Flying Man rhyming words: Children cut out the picture of Dan and glue to the top of a long strip of paper. Children then cut out pictures that rhyme with "Dan", glue to the strip, and write the words.

Dan the Flying Man book: Children fill in the missing words ("-an" family, "over").

Art: (see Holiday Crafts below)

ABC: Beginning sounds--letter tiles

Science: Going on a Motion Hunt (push/pull) from Science Experiments for Young Learners



ABC Center:

Beginning sound trees: Students match the pictures on the small trees to the letters on the tree mat.


ABC Center:

Santa CVC book: Students read the simple sight word/cvc word sentences and match the pictures. I used Velcro to attach the pictures to the book.

Math: Pattern block trees, presents, candles

Writing: Wish List: Children cut pictures out of store ads or draw pictures.


Craft Stick Rudolph Directions

Quiet in the Library

"-op" words accordion book: Print page (2 books per page). Fold on dotted lines (accordion style). Cut on solid line. Children glue "op" pictures onto pages and write the words.

Quiet in the Library strip book: Children cut out the pages and glue in order (vertically) to retell the story. Children fill in the missing words ("in", "came").

Art: (see Holiday Crafts below)


Vowel Sort: Students sort the pictures according to the middle vowels.

Math: Christmas Tree Numbers (see math center activities)

Science: Marshmallow Launch (simple machines) from Science Experiments for Young Learners



ABC Center:

CVC Spelling ornaments: Students use crayons to spell the CVC words on the ornaments. When they are finished, they can wipe off the words with a tissue.


# Sequence lights (light pattern): Students place light bulbs in the correct order to decorate the house. I provide three sets of numbers (1-10, 11-20, 21-30).

Writing: Under the Tree


Paper plate Santa: Student cut and glue pieces to a paper plate.


Months of the Year Sequence: Children cut out the months and glue them in order on a sentence strip. Optional: staple the sentence strip into a headband.

Birthday Crowns: Children trace and cut a out a crown shape. They glue their own birthday in the middle and then decorate the crown. Glue to a sentence strip. Save for shared reading activities during the week.

Birthday Presents: For each child, take a large (12x18) sheet of construction paper. Cut off a 2" strip from the shorter end. Use a brad fastener to reattach the strip so that it resembles a box top opening. Children decorate their boxes and complete the sentence telling what they got. Then they draw a picture of their present and glue it "inside" of the box (at top).

Balloon Words: Children trace and cut a out a balloon shape. Then they stamp 3 to 5 sight words on it. When finished, tie a piece of string or yarn at the bottom.

Art: (see Holiday Crafts below)

Writing: Holiday Cards (free choice)

ABC: Beginning Sounds Presents (use with objects from ABC tubs)

Math: Christmas Tree Numbers (see math center activities)

Science: Weighing Presents (see science center activities)



Special Section: Holiday Crafts

1. Snow Globes

2. Froot Loop candy canes

3.   Rudolph card

4.   Lifesaver Menorah (use pipe cleaner pieces for candles; you can also use Froot Loops instead of Lifesavers)

5. Directions for OTC picture frame

6. Gift tags

7. Handprint Ornaments (idea from )

* Also see Paulie's Christmas Crafts page!

Special Section: Holiday Bonuses

1. Christmas Tree Bingo: This template can be used for any type of Bingo. Fill the ornaments with letters, sight words, numbers, etc.

2. Candy Cane Bingo: Have children write one word or letter in each space.

3. Christmas Counting Book...use seasonal confetti, foam shapes, and/or the sticky shapes from OTC to complete the pages in this book. Children write the numeral in the box at the top and the number word on the line at the bottom.


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