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Weekly Graph

As part of Every Day Counts Calendar Math, we do a weekly graph. After scrambling to get the graphs ready in the past, I created a set of graphing questions and corresponding picture cards for most weeks of the year. The graphs are mostly theme or season-related.

To make my graph reusable every week, I laminated the graph and then attached velcro (prickly side) to each square. I cut a square out of poly binder (the floppy kind) for each child and attached velcro (soft side) to the back of these squares. I used a tiny label to put each child's name on the BACK of the square. This cuts down on children choosing an option just because a buddy chose it. Each day during the week, I choose 4 or 5 students to answer the graphing question and we add their squares to the graph. On Friday, we have a completed graph and can interpret the results.

Download Weekly Graphing Questions/Pictures

After using the weekly questions above, Jackie Oliphant, use the format to create more questions that she has generously shared. You may need to change a few as she personalized them for her classroom.

Graphing Questions 2

Graphing Questions 3

Graphing Questions 4

I've had lots of questions regarding the set up of this graph. Unfortunately we are out of school for the summer and I don't have a good picture of it. Basically it looks something like this:


Tape the daily/weekly question here.






Fish Calendar Pieces

Rainbow Calendar Pieces   

Cupid Calendar Pieces    

Rose Calendar Pieces

Heart Calendar Pieces

Blank Calendar Pieces

To add a graphic, just go to INSERT then PICTURE then CLIP ART. Search for an appropriate image and insert it. Copy/paste it into each box.

Calendar Pieces

Each month, I create a theme or season-related pattern on our classroom calendar. Initially I purchased calendar pieces for the patterns but that quickly became expensive. Instead, I now download calendar pieces from the internet or create my own. Some sets (like the fish) are already in a pattern. For other sets, I combine two or more sets to make the pattern (example for February: cupid, rose, heart). Here are a few sets that I created and the template that I used in case you would like to make your own.

These calendar pieces fit perfectly in a pocket chart calendar.

Other sites with printable calendar pieces: (these are black/white) *FREE (these are in color) *FREE (these are in color--some are free and some require a paid membership)

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